XSB Collaborates with PTC’s Windchill PLM to Close Product Information Gaps

New Windchill PLM Extension Integrates Critical External Data to Reduce Manual Labor, Accelerate Time-to-Market, and Lower Operational Costs

Setauket, NY and Boston, MA. May 4, 2021. XSB, a semantic data science company and member of the PTC Partner Network, today announced the release of the SWISS Connect Extension for the Windchill® Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software from PTC (NASDAQ: PTC). SWISS Connect harmonizes internal and external engineering data used within the aerospace and defense, textile, electronics, and automotive industries to reduce quality control problems and related delays due to referencing cancelled or inactive product specifications.

Operating as a bridge between PLM workflows and external content, SWISS Connect establishes change-aware connections between documents stored in Windchill and referenced external standards and specifications, automating the integration of required product and manufacturing information (PMI). The extension also significantly minimizes the time and manual labor previously required for change management and impact analysis, sometimes cutting validation times from hours or days to minutes.

“XSB and PTC have mutual PLM customers in the federal, aerospace, and defense verticals,” said Dave Duncan, Vice President of Product Management, Industrial Digital Thread Solutions, PLM Segment, PTC. “With this integration, our customers can easily link to the specs and standards referenced in their designs, enabling them to improve productivity and filling an important void in the digital thread. More importantly, engineers can be alerted when their referenced specs and standards change so they can determine if their designs need to adapt to those changes. We’re pleased with this new closed-loop quality connection to enhance our PLM offering.”

Enterprise documents, such as part, material, and process specifications, purchase descriptions, work instructions, and technical data packages contain references to a variety of internal and external standards and specifications. These references – and the critical data within them – are difficult to access because they are merely static PDF file attachments rather than integral parts of the digital thread. Since most engineering work is conducted on digital platforms, these disconnected silos of mission-critical information add cost, time, and risk to the product lifecycle.

Tanya Vidrevich, COO of XSB said, “By teaming with PTC, XSB is able to bring actionable engineering data, once locked in static legacy documents, into the digital product lifecycle; this integration establishes the SWISS open standard as an integral part of the Model Based Enterprise.”

The SWISS Connect Extension is now available in the Windchill Extension center at: https://windchill-extensions.ptc.com/.

About XSB, Inc.

XSB, Inc. is a semantic data science company known for its SWISS digital model data platform, which transforms static documents (such as MS Word and PDF) from standalone “dead-text” to a networked collection of interoperable, “change aware” data elements — text, tables, graphs, equations, and images. The underlying network of documents, data, concepts, and the relationships between them is organized in the SWISS Knowledge Graph which can be queried from other applications via the SWISS API. SWISS was developed in part with funding from the U.S. Department of Defense (Defense Standardization Program and Defense Logistics Agency) and support from major Standards Development Organizations and aerospace & defense companies.


Contact: Andrew Bank (a.bank@xsb.com)

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