The Standard for Digital Transformation

SWISS is Smart, Connected Data.

Static PDF documents are costly relics of 20th century engineering. It's time for a 21st century solution.

The Problem with Static Documents

Puzzle pieces


Most product design data has moved to digital models e.g. CAD models.

Stack of documents


But critical support documentation (e.g., specs and standards, test plans, work instructions) are left behind in static formats.

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Static documents violate key rules of the digital thread:
• Interoperability
• Change Management
• Impact Assessment

The Tangible Costs of Using Static Information

Project Delays
Risk and Liability
Searching for Data
Change Mgmt + Impact Assmt
Errors, Scrap, and Rework
Using Inconsistent Data

Transforming Documents to Digital Models and a Knowledge Graph

1 Break Down Silos: Documents across many sources are ingested and disaggregated into individual concepts.

Sample Silo Document

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2 AI/ML Enrichment: Concepts are classified, tagged, and analyzed for meaning and relationships.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Enrichment

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3 SWISS Knowledge Graph: Connections between related concepts are created using ontologies and explicit references.

SWISS Knowledge Graph

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4 Deliver to product lifecycle systems: Using the SWISS API, we bring the right information, to the right place, at the right time.

Spectacle Powered By SWISS
Office 365 and SharePoint
Content Management
TEAMCENTER and windchill
PDF to ELYSIUM and Back DataPackage™ STUDIO: PDF and 3-D PDF Drawings
Drawing Notes
Open Hands Holding an Infinity Symbol Build or Connect Anything
Calculators, Checklists, Lookups, etc.
What can you do with a digital model that you can't do with a PDF?

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Query the World’s Largest Engineering Knowledge Graph

Get answers that used to take hours, days, or were virtually unobtainable.

  • Is this document the most current version?
  • How has this document changed since the last version?
  • If the internal spec changes, what products will be affected?
  • Show me the temperature requirements.
  • Where is this spec being used in the enterprise?
  • Are there any hazardous materials used in this process?
  • Are there any long lead-time components in this bid?
  • Show me all the references in this document.
  • Are there any outdated references?
  • Are there any departures for this test?
  • Have these work instructions changed since last time?
  • Show me all the parts that contain cadmium.
SWISS Knowledge Graph

Digital models open a world of new capabilities that accelerate cycle time, reduce manual labor, cut errors and rework.

Database connecting to files

Bring external data into PLM

Give engineers the information they need right when they need it by enhancing static documents and drawings in your PLM repository.

Files connecting to each other

Gain Interoperability

Convert your internal content to digital models and create dynamic connections between related documents and concepts, including external standards.

Partially checked off list

Identify Requirements

Reduce tedious manual labor by automatically identifying, extracting, and classifying specification requirements.

Directory containing files

Better Manage Parts

Make legacy drawings and documents searchable, and analyze them to understand cost, lead time and environmental implications.

Documents joined together

Build Smart Connected Documents

Create change aware work instructions, test plans and more with automatic change notifications from the source content. Eliminate laborious and error-prone manual rekeying.

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Automate Impact Assessment

Assess the impact of proposed changes on downstream processes and documents before they are made. Reduce manual labor and improve compliance.

What makes SWISS unique?

  • Industrial Data Science and Semantics Experts
    With nearly 22 years of experience, XSB understands the needs of engineering-intensive organizations.
  • Interoperability
    Dynamic connections between internal and external content, and between content and engineering applications.
  • SWISS API and Knowledge Graph
    Use the SWISS API to query the Knowledge Graph from anywhere; build apps, calculators, checklists, and much more.
  • Automated and Dynamic Tagging
    The SWISS engine identifies, classifies, and connects data at scale.
  • Publisher and Channel-Agnostic
    Any publisher, OEM, or channel partner can use SWISS digital models and the SWISS API to deliver similar functionality on its own platform.

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