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Digital Models in Department of Defense Procurement

Rupert Hopkins | January 11, 2023
A complex supply chain for critical goods can no longer be managed with buyers, suppliers, testing labs, and others working from disconnected silos of paper and PDF-based technical packages and requirements. Through TexSpecs, the DLA is capturing the benefits associated with moving procurement from static documents to digital models and, in the case of the Army Combat Uniform, literally weaving a digital thread.

Using AI to Boost Engineering Productivity with Smart, Connected Documentation

Daria Mathew | June 1, 2020

XSB founder and CEO Rupert Hopkins recently talked with Stardog's Alison Goodrum to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge graphs are fundamentally changing the way engineers, designers, and project managers interact with complex networks of specifications and requirements.

SWISS®: Bringing Graph Thinking to Engineering Documents (Part Two)

Daria Mathew | December 19, 2019

In our last post, we provided an introduction to graph thinking and the concept of nodes (or vertices) and edges (or links) as a way to describe networks. As examples, we pointed to Facebook (a social graph with connections between people and the things that people like) and Google (which uses the connections between web pages as a measure of relevance).

SWISS®: Bringing Graph Thinking to Engineering Documents (Part One)

Daria Mathew | November 18, 2019

Graph thinking, derived from a branch of mathematics called Graph Theory, is all the rage in Silicon Valley. For instance, in August, Gartner identified knowledge graphs and graph analytics as two of 29 emerging technologies CIOs should experiment with in the next year. (See: Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies.)