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Weaving the Digital Thread for the Apparel Industry Supply Chain

Revolutionizing tech data management

The total value of the U.S. apparel market is projected to reach over $100 billion this year. Manual processes are not sufficient for the volume, variety, and complexity of apparel products manufactured, tested and purchased today. Fortunately, advances in AI and machine learning have paved the way for technical data management software essential to streamlining the most time-consuming, challenging and critical processes in this industry.

Whether you are designing or manufacturing luxury garments, performance sportswear, or body armor, SWISS can help your entire supply chain adhere to your proprietary standards, industry standards such as AATCC, and exacting regulatory requirements.

SWISS is the digital thread for the Clothing & Textile Industry.

Apparel manufacturers are drowning in static design, material and construction documents that are not part of the digital thread; tech packs, spec sheets, notes on drawings, standards, cut and sew instructions, test requirements, etc. SWISS transforms these static documents into intelligent, interoperable, and reusable digital models. Documents as Data results in accelerated time to market, reduced cost, and better quality throughout your enterprise and supply chain.

Using SWISS, these documents are always linked to their authoritative sources, are change-aware, and are machine readable—all at the concept level.

Clothing and textile manufacturing and testing

Clothing and textile requirements

TexSpecs: Using SWISS to Build a Better Army Combat Uniform

America’s warfighters are protected by a highly engineered, complex weapon system: the Army Combat Uniform. Consider that the Army Combat Uniform (ACU):

  • Has an optimized camouflage pattern
  • Is chemically treated to help prevent malaria
  • Contains Near-Infrared (NIR) Signature Management Technology
  • Incorporates Permanent IR IFF squares for identification with night goggles
  • Contains a myriad of other features

Texspecs Specifications Diagram

The Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support Clothing and Textile supply chain uses nearly 5,000 commercial item descriptions, product descriptions and specifications to manage over $1.3 billion in purchases. The ACU alone involves over 5000 pages of specifications from 98 different documents.

Managing these documents and their changes in a timely fashion, and without errors, using PDFs was nearly impossible. To address this problem, DLA funded the development of TexSpecs based on XSB’s SWISS.

TexSpecs creates interoperable structured digital models of Purchase Descriptions, Interim Changes, and other specification-based technical documents, which reduce the cost, time and errors associated with PDF-based tech data management.

The TexSpecs/SWISS library already includes digital models of the most highly referenced industry and military clothing & textile standards. When you convert your proprietary standards to SWISS, you’ll have a single source of comprehensive, interoperable engineering data.