“Integrating “Smart Documents” into PLM and the Digital Thread” at Northrop Grumman

Bruce Mayer, Manager, Engineering Application Technology and Strategy of Northrop Grumman presented “Integrating “Smart Documents” into PLM and the Digital Thread” at CIMdata’s PLM Road Map™& PDT North America 2019 conference last month. Bruce’s presentation is based on his experience with XSB’s SWISS solution.

The following is an overview of Bruce’s presentation:

We have all encountered documents which “refer” to other documents. What if one document could actually “talk” to another document? A document which talks could tell others that reference it that something changed! That table copied into a drawing would “know” that the values in the source document have changed! What if the manufacturing BOM or bill of process could raise a flag when the material specification for that widget has changed? Think of the time, frustration, and money that can be saved. Making documents talk to each other is the definition of “Smart Connected Documents” and when coupled with PLM is a game changing combination. This presentation will relate details of Northrop Grumman's experience with the application of a Smart Connected Documents engine to product definition and manufacturing instruction documentation. The presentation will start with the challenge, describe the journey, and will finish with a summary of the benefits received and lessons learned from the experience.

Download the entire presentation here.

Bruce Mayer is the Engineering Application Technology and Strategy Manager for Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Sector, located outside Baltimore, Maryland. He has been with Northrop Grumman for 30+ years in a variety of roles including the head of the engineering application support organization where he was responsible for providing technical expertise for over 150 applications necessary to tackle technology challenges. In his current role, Bruce is responsible for evaluating and deploying strategic technologies in support of the Model-Based Enterprise. Bruce has spent much of his career focused on application automation and technology insertion. He holds a BS degree in Computer and Information Systems.