XSB, Inc. Secures Defense Logistics Agency Project Extension in Additive Manufacturing

NEW YORK – June 30, 2020 – XSB Inc., a software provider of artificial intelligence solutions in manufacturing, logistics and engineering document automation, announced today the extension of the Company’s current contract with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to develop an Additive Manufacturing Candidate Identification Tool for production use by DLA and the Military Services.

Currently, DLA manages data on millions of legacy parts used in manufacturing yet has no way to efficiently determine if Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is a viable alternate production process. XSB has been tasked with creating and enhancing a tool - Additive Manufacturing Initial General Assessment (AMIGA) - that enables DLA procurement and engineering specialists to sort through the millions of candidate parts and make an initial determination of their suitability for AM in a fraction of the time.
DLA stakeholders must manually evaluate logistics and technical data for millions of parts to determine which can be produced using AM; this is a particularly hard problem as this determination depends on both DLA internal data and external commercial data sources. XSB aims to solve this problem using AI through the AMIGA tool. AMIGA automatically assesses the physical and logistical properties of parts and AM machines to answer the questions of: Can a part be made using Additive Manufacturing, and should it be? XSB’s tool evaluates a part’s production lead time, the cost based on various sources, stocking issues, source manufacturers, part size, and part material. It also evaluates where the part will be used to determine any critical safety issues that may impact a part’s suitability to be produced using Additive Manufacturing processes.

“AM represents a transformative approach to industrial production, but it has limitations, states XSB’s Founder and CEO Rupert Hopkins. “AMIGA and XSB’s AI-based approach will significantly improve efficiency, reduce errors and increase DLA warfighter readiness.” 

For more information on AMIGA, please visit our Aerospace & Defense Industries page.

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